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Off-Camera Lighting For Events

Pro-Tip: Use a second speedlight in slave mode to help fight the ugliness of on-camera flash lighting during event photography. Position the speedlight within striking distance of where you will be shooting and don’t be afraid to move it if the light is in the wrong spot. Use your on-camera light to control the slaved speedlight.

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Location Scouting in Chicago

There are lots of interesting places in and around Chicago to take photos, but it’s difficult to keep track of them all. This is my Google-Maps enabled Location Scouting of Chicago. I will be adding to this over time. So check back often. Where possible, I have set the map to show the First-Person View of the location so that you can get an idea of the space.

I’ve divided these locations into separate pages.  Click on the page number at the bottom of the page to see more.

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