The Yoga Map

New Image and Look – Same Perfect Technique

The Background:

Sarah Hillenbrand wanted to update her website photos to reflect her new hairstyle, new studio and new website.

The Concept:

We wanted to show specific working techniques in the space where she normally interacts during private lessons, but I also thought it was important to showcase the beauty of the facility and the main room to help draw new customers in the door.  We shot in both places using natural light mostly for the main room and very diffused and inviting lighting for the smaller personal lesson room.

The Execution:

We spent a few hours in the studio with Sarah and another trainer.  Together they worked on the most difficult techniques and helped me determine where to place the camera to best show perfect alignment.  With any lens, there’s going to be a little distortion.  So I wanted to make sure that the photos showed accurate poses while at the same time were pleasing to look at.

The Photos:

The Website:

We used these photos when constructing Sarah’s new site design.  Check out her site here!

The Yoga Map