The Rain

The Background

A continuation of my vignette series, this video examined a rainy day.  Many of my friends complain about the rain in Chicago, but I’ve always loved the beauty of it.  I think most people don’t look closely at the things around them when it is raining.  I think they are mostly focused on running inside or to their car.

The Concept

If I prepare for a very wet shoot, then I should be able to capture what I need with little problem.

The Execution

This shoot was pretty hairy.  Keeping rain off of the eyepiece was impossible and all of the lenses and the camera got soaked.  Luckily I was using weather-sealed equipment so I didn’t have any mechanical problems.  But the front of the lenses kept fogging up.  It was also extremely windy, but I decided not to use any stabilization in post-production in order to keep the feeling of the stormy day.

I’ve since learned that you can put a hand warmer rubber-banded to the bottom of your lenses and that will help prevent them from fogging up in this sort of weather.

This video is somewhat frustrating for me in that I know the quality would be much higher with a full HD camera instead of the 720p I had to shoot with on the Nikon D3S.  I hate not making the most of opportunities.  But I’m bolstered by my happiness with the composition and look and feel.  And I think the cinematography looks good.  But more than ever now, I am looking forward to shooting with the D800 and D4S!


Nikon D3S

Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8
Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8

Music is “Losing Love”:
By Dexter Britain: