Pawlan Law

Bringing out the personalities

The Background

Pawlan Law contacted me looking to update photos for their website.  After speaking with them about their goals for a look and feel, I discovered that they needed photos for not only their website, but for social media and advertising in general.  Giving them the most bang for their buck, I decided to arrange several different shoots on a Saturday in order to best capture what they do.

The Concept

We decided that they needed headshots for everyone.  An examination of the best law firms reveals that they all have shots of their lawyers and staff having fun and revealing their personality through the photos.  I wanted to do this instead of the standard corporate shot of someone in front of a backdrop.

We also wanted to get shots of each of the employees in action.  So I decided that we would simulate a brainstorming session.

Finally, I wanted to capture some shots of their business cards.  These sorts of shots can be useful for all sorts of things that you might not think about until you need them.

The Execution

For the headshots, I decided to capture each of the employees in the upper tiers of the lobby of the building.  There was a lot of natural light coming in and I could play with my lights and balance out a beautiful looking shot.  I also decided to capture some shots of the owner with his employees and partners in the background slightly out of focus.  Their board room had a lot of natural light and I needed minimal lighting to capture the beauty of everyone.

The shoot went very well and the client was very happy with the work.