Nutrition Series

A look at my award-winning video series

In an effort to improve the value of our content for our many social media subscribers, we decided to tackle subjects more relevant to them day-to-day.  We looked at the demographics of our subscribers and researched what appeals to them from a social media standpoint.  We brainstormed and came up with several video series, one of which is a Nutrition Series.  This series is not just video though.  We used articles, blogs, quick tips, photography and video to reach out to people via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  On Facebook, we had 50,000+ views typically for each of our videos and the blog posts received lots of positive comments and likes.  We also won a Telly Award in the Web Series category which helped spur this on from a 6-month trial series to a full year.  We plan to switch gears and try new topics of relevance for 2017.

Here are some of the photos we used on social media for the blog posts and videos.