Ned’s Story

An inspirational story about a boy who broke his arm.

The Background:

CLIENT: NorthShore University HealthSystem
LOCATION: Evanston, IL
DETAILS: NorthShore asked me to take photos of Ned and his family for the cover story of their Connections Magazine.  They also wanted to shoot a video to help tell the story on other platforms.

The Concept:

Jesenia Ramirez and I traveled to Ned’s house where we discussed options for the cover.  The design of the magazine calls for a few specifics such as square framing, a white top-right corner (to serve as the background for the NorthShore logo), and some sort of action that makes the viewer want to examine the picture.

The Execution:

Since Ned was going to be coming home exactly during sunset and because the buildings to the west would block the light coming into the house, I decided that the kitchen was really the only place where we could shoot the cover photo.  This would seem limiting, but luckily there was a large picture window next to a small dining table.  The light coming in would be just bright enough with a small reflector to be captured at a decent ISO setting.

After we shot the cover, we wanted to get some B-roll for the interview.  So I set up my camera in a few places while Jesenia set the lights and other camera up for the interview.  I shot Ned at the piano and later got some shots of him tying his shoes to show how he was able to use both of his hands again.

Jesenia cut together the footage and posted the video to YouTube.

The photos for the magazine can be viewed here:

View The Magazine



The Video: