Bears Breast Cancer Video

Creating magic with the Chicago Bears

The Background:

CLIENT: Chicago Bears
LOCATION: Evanston Hospital, Evanston, IL
DETAILS: Jesenia Ramirez and I were tasked with storyboarding, shooting and editing a video for the Chicago Bears to be played at halftime on the big screen and on the smaller monitors throughout Soldier Field.

The Concept:

The idea behind this video was to have Staley, the Bears mascot, bring his mother in for a mammogram.

The Execution:

Though we were handed a script, a lot of it did not make logical sense.  So Jesenia and I rewrote the story, got it approved by Bears Corporate and storyboarded all of the scenes.  We had little time to bring all of the details together, but with the help of 88 Brand Partners corralling the large number of extras, we were able to see the production through.

We decided on a two camera shoot to capture the large scenes with lots of extras.  We also wanted to keep moving, striking and moving one camera while the other was finishing up with scenes involving actors and lines.

We only had Staley for a few hours, but he, and his mother, were able to stay until the project was complete.  We were all impressed with Staley’s endurance and good spirits for hours on end.


The Final Video: