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Alien – style Cinema Color Grading Presets

I’m a big fan of the 1979 classic film “Alien“.  The cinematography is stunning even to this day and the color grading is creative and interesting.  For certain photos, this color grading can have a dramatic effect spanning everything from “cold and creamy” to “sickly flat” to “inky foreboding”.

These free CinePresets emulate the color grading for some of the different sets and scenes in the movie “Alien”.  They have been created for Adobe Lightroom version 5.5+.  If you have an older version of Lightroom, they probably won’t work.  But feel free to give them a try and let me know.

These presets were created on an NEC MultiSync LCD 2690WUXi2 monitor calibrated with Datacolor’s Spyder 3 Elite color calibration tools.  The images used to create the presets were taken with a Nikon D3S camera.  Image files were raw .NEF files.  Your mileage may vary depending on your original starting files.

  1. Open Lightroom (version 5.5 or newer)
  2. Edit > Preferences
  3. Presets Tab > Show Lighroom Presets Folder
  4. Open Lightroom Folder > Open Develop Presets Folder
  5. Paste Contents of Zip into a new folder of your choice
  6. Restart Lightroom – The new presets will be in the Develop Module under Presets

Download Alien Air Vents:

Download Alien Airlock:

Download Alien Bridge:

Download Alien C Deck:

Download Alien Cryo:

Download Alien Landing Gear Bay:

Download Alien Medical:

Download Alien Nostromo Exterior:

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